A great look - I love the dress, gloves and heels.

A complete “follow me” look but I expect she is way beyond my pay grade.

A master class (or should that be mistress class?) in how to keep a man on that edge. Right now there are so many pleasure chemicals swirling round in his mind even the most wilful of men will do anything to keep it going.

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Oh my god - a woman in rollers and firm old fashioned foundation wear. She just triggers my “serve her” instinct.

I bet she has her husband doing whatever she wants and he loves it.

Underwear that says “no-one gets in here except on my terms”

Serving a masked woman would further emphasise her power, not even seeing her face it might be someone you pass on the street everyday.

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If she is not a woman who likes to be in charge I will be shocked.

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Her egs and shoes are almost hypnotic.

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